Friday, September 30, 2011

Here is the text of an email I just sent to one of my former research associates who said:

I like it.With good enough security, you could run the office management software from the cloud.
But how will you create documents? No keyboard. It's hard to compose or write an email without a keyboard.

The Dragon software on my iPad runs in the cloud and is virtually flawless. Dragon has used the iPad software to develop a huge database of voices and words and that is why it is working so well. What does not work is the interface between Dragon and email so I don't use it very often. But, that is sort of beside the point because if you parse the language that Amazon has used in the announcement it indicates that they intend to run the Silk browser with other operating systems. Today the rumor is that Amazon is talking to HP about buying the Palm portfolio which includes WebOs, the best mobile operating system I have seen. The Fire is the first of many and we don't know much about what the single mini-usb port will support. In all events, this is I think the beginning of the next wave of mobile personal computing. And, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are not going to be sitting back with glazed eyes saying "ain't it cool"?

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